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Spring Water And Health
The quality of life in a modern society is steadily going down. The foundation of the quality of life is health. In order to have a healthy body we need to satisfy basic physiological requirements: air, water and food. But first, let us distinguish between air and smog, living natural spring water and industrially processed fluids, and natural organic food and industrially processed food.
The living air is a pure electrifying energy of evaporated water that injects oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen in an activated form in our lungs, and energizes our blood and body. Think of the ultimate healing power of the fresh sea air, forest or mountain air.  Smog, on the other hand, is an abrasive, dry, toxic mix of air, dust and pollution that burns our lungs, poisons our blood stream, and penetrates deep inside the lung tissue creating cell mutations and disease.
The fresh natural spring water is the ultimate fuel for our body. It is a pure electrifying energy for our metabolism, consisting of active hydrogen, oxygen and low total dissolved solids (light water). It is soft and slightly acidic. On the other hand, we have the industrially processed water (bottled water, tap water, and filtered water) that is dead, stale, filtered, disinfected and irradiated with UV light.
The natural organic food combines the energy from the Sun, earth and living water into a perfect nourishment and mineralization for any living being. The industrially processed food, on the other hand, is dead, has no nutrients, full of artificial supplements that our body has no use of, toxic etc.
The living spring water is an immediate health boost to our body. Our core, our essence of life comes from living spring water. Human body is 75% water, which means that every part of our body consists mostly of water. The living water is within us and our body recognizes it. That is why no other industrial fluid is able to hydrate our body. They will be called bottled fluid and tap fluid, because they are not worth the beauty, strength and ultimate living energy that water represents.
Hydration - Hydroelectric Power For Our Body
The living water in nature is a pure*** mixture of organic and inorganic material dissolved into the remarkable hydrogen and oxygen atomic bond structure. It comes out of the natural spring as an energized torrent carrying active hydrogen, oxygen, trace minerals and probiotic living bacteria. It is light, soft and balanced, and as such is easily assimilated by our body. Only the natural spring water can be described as pure, because there is no human influence, pollution, disinfection and processing. It is in a natural pure form when it jumps out of the spring.
***The definition of the word pure: not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material; unadulterated, uncontaminated, unmixed, undiluted, unalloyed, unblended; flawless, perfect, genuine, real without any extraneous and unnecessary elements; free of any contamination. Every industrially processed fluid (bottled water, tap water, and purified water) label and the quality control report states that it is pure!!! That is impossible because they mix, adulterate, contaminate, process, disinfect and irradiate the water and create a dead fluid that is far from being pure and far from the original state of the water used as a source for the industrial processing.
By going through the cell membranes this high energy, electrified, fresh natural spring water generates hydroelectric energy inside the cells similar to running power generators in hydroelectric power plants. There are two main forms of energy reserves that cells stockpile for later use: ATP and GTP. They are both used for many functions within our body.
So, just by drinking fresh spring water your body is constantly hydrated, or electrified, the brain coordinates the flow of energy to every part of the body and our body becomes completely energized and full of oxygen. No virus, cancer cell, or free radical can even dream of doing anything when the body is in this living state of power, regeneration and development. 
The genes are secondary to the DNA and RNA enzymatic activity propelled by living water. They are not cast iron or molded fixed, they are generated and modified according to the living water interaction within the cells. The cells breathe and develop, because water brings oxygen, living hydrogen, nutrients and probiotic bacteria as a support to the pool of living bacteria inside our body.
This energy comes first in priority for our living functions. It is the most crucial because it runs all living processes in our body. The food comes next, when water prepares the body for the infusion of the nutrients. Without water there is no nutrition, no removal of toxins, nothing.
For human body fresh natural spring water performs functions of a cleaner, a builder, a philosopher, a manager, an artist, a fighter, musician, singer, trainer, etc. It represents life.


There are infinite levels of energy that our body can generate. Everything starts from the core - the latent energy, the basic energy generator, that creates new layers of energy around the core as a protective shield. Each new level of energy has a specific purpose: energy to think, to work physically, to focus, to have a perspective, the energy for peace of mind, energy for creativity. The energy for work and to sustain basic life functions are lower energy levels and they are closer to the core. Farther away from the core are the higher energy levels of strength, focus, perspective, peace and creativity. These higher levels create a buffer that protects core and enables the brain to easily regenerate them. By mistreating our body, draining the energy of life and blocking of the production of the new energy within our body we fast approach our core energy level and burn the fuel that is never to be touched. The core keeps us vital and powerful all our life.


The human body does all those magic things for us but, we ignore it, and at the same time mistreat it. Our body needs just a little bit of attention, good hydration, good food and an active life style. It regenerates itself constantly, every muscle, every bone, every organ. It is alive and in motion. So we have the unique ability to change and to improve whenever we decide to do so.


But, by relying on dead fluids, dead food, dead air, sugar, alcohol, sodas, juices, we are ruining all our potential. We see what those things are doing to us, so we need to make a small decision and body will do its magic, and enable us to become the change we want to see in the world.

By consuming industrial fluids (bottled water, tap water and purified water) our body struggles to keep the body energized or hydrated. Dead, sterile, low energy and disinfected water basically works as an energy drain within our cells. The production of vital hydroelectric energy is intermittent due to the lack of energy, oxygen, active hydrogen and other life building blocks that only living water carries. Dead fluid, instead of releasing huge amounts of energy to the body cells like the living water does, blocks the flow of vital energy, drains the energy from the cells because it is so dead, slows down the metabolism, disrupts the biochemical reactions, leaves deposits between cells, does not remove toxins effectively, brings in toxins from the industrial production processes, and depletes the body of oxygen. Body is dehydrated and instantly the brain has to counter it by rationalizing available energy. Only the core body functions receive the full supply of oxygen, nutrients and energy, while many other zones become totally depleted of nutrients and oxygen. So, even a minor dehydration makes huge changes within our body.
Without air, water and food we die within 10 minutes, 4 days and couple of weeks, respectively. The processes that are the primary cause of death are suffocation, dehydration and malnourishment. Well, that pretty much describes how we live and what the main causes of disease in our society are. The quality of life is plummeting due to pollution in the atmosphere that we breathe, the industrially processed food that has no nutrients and the tap and bottled fluids that dehydrate our body.
The two main metabolic problems caused by dehydration are the enzymatic slowdown and autointoxication. We need constant supply of living water to energize our body as a whole, and especially generate active environment for probiotics and enzymes in our digestive tract. As soon as we are dehydrated, enzymes slow down and die. There is no digestion and body gets malnourished quickly. The metabolism slows down and toxins accumulate within our body. The body suffocates in its own toxins. Similarly, autointoxication is the poisoning of the body by its own free radicals from biochemical reactions that occur within cells. Even couple of weeks without proper hydration causes cell death and inflammations. After a prolonged drought in our body, mutations to an anaerobic state begin due to the lack of nutrients and oxygen.  
The fresh spring water is the living energy, the ultimate harmony of all life building blocks into a living force, essential for our health, that no mass processing plant can reproduce.   
Dehydration, the Way of Life, Solidism, and the Medication

The modern life pace is fast and sometimes extreme. We mostly breathe smog and consume industrial fluids and industrially processed food. As a result we constantly struggle to breathe, hydrate and nourish our body. At the same time we demand more form our body, we drain every little bit of energy, our core - latent energy, without any consideration, respect and compassion. As if we were driven only by our wants and desires, the ego.

This way of life we named the job-depression-cancer cycle. Our job becomes our life, we live the lives of the others, the stereotypes, instead of living our unique life, strong and gentle. The imaginary task of becoming successful and rich in material terms, is impossible and unattainable. We feel helpless, because the roulette wheel is spinning ever so faster. We tend to be more depressed than expressed, more tired that energized, more nervous and weak, than powerful and creative. And, as we are more and more drained of living energy, the immune system gets destroyed.

The infections and cancer cells start ruling the day. They could not have dreamed of playing some major role in such a powerful force, as is the human body. The low energy state of our body, combined with the ego, tell us that there is nothing that we can do, because it is infinitely more difficult for ego to accept being wrong and that there is always hope. Just a couple of years ago we were actively destroying our body being sure that we are invincible. But, now we just give up, instead to admit to ourselves that it is normal to be wrong and that a change is inherently within us (metabolism, greek for complete change). Instead of becoming a compassionate and disciplined stewart of the body, we push our body toward disease.

Apart from consuming smog, industrial fluids, and processed food, we consume huge amount of sugar, sodas, coffee, alcohol, recreational drugs and medications, use chemicals in our house, on our body and hair, and damage our body with excessive and mindless exercises. It all looks as if we are determined to achieve something which takes us father from the quality of life, love and Nature.

Nature's solution in a glass

The most potent force in Nature is water. Water is life, the blood of the Earth and our body is water. Water defines that what is gentle and tender is strong and powerful. And that is what the living water is for our body: a nice flowing electric current that enables us to create power reserves within a healthy and lean body, reach a peace of mind, and become a strong and powerful warrior that is an artist and a humanist. Her sword never leaves her sheath, because she is more powerful than violence and all violence is transformed by her inner peace in the sea of love for any living being. The water is what we used to be and we can change to that by drinking fresh spring water. It is as simple as that. A very nice and gentle step to willingly try to help your body and help everybody else by becoming a positive force of change.


The human body is considered by the medical profession as a group of solid organs. Everything else is of minor importance. According to that view, organs play major roles and disease happens when they malfunction. Therefore, the focus of the medical treatment is on the organs. For them the body fluids such as blood, interstitial fluid (between cells), intracellular fluid (inside the cell), lymph, neurological and cerebral fluids play minor role within our body.

Our body is 75% water. Everything in our body is living water and all organs are mostly made out of water. Our body infrastructure was created by water. It makes us alive by transporting everything in our body, doing multitude of tasks at the same time and yet in medical profession our body fluids are inferior and just work for organs. There would be no life without water in our body. The living water enables an embryo in mother's womb to live before the hearth starts beating.

By treating solids exclusively, the focus is on the consequence and not the cause of the problem with that particular organ.


As we dehydrate, we break down the metabolism, deplete oxygen levels in the blood and everything slows down. At the same time, this energy depleted body is driven hard to pursue carriers and hectic life styles. The first warning sign comes in the form of headache, stomachache, digestive problems, dry skin, destroyed hair quality, premature aging, eczema. We become more prone to viruses and colds as our immune system is getting weaker. Those are the early warning signs that our immune system is overstressed and that our body needs a little bit of attention, help, compassion and a glass of living water. However, our first reaction is not to question our way of life, but is to think about our career and material things. So we reach for a fast and instant fix: medication.

Medication is mostly palliative, it does not treat the source of the problem, nor do we go to the root of the problem and understand what is the cause of our ailment. In most cases it is just dehydration and malnourishment. When we have a headache, we take a pill because we need to work and to perform. We chemically force our body to ignore the problem that is going on. We force the body to maintain the pace of a hectic lifestyle, and to continue to function against its code and the balance of the life energy. Such a behavior can permanently damage human body.

And we were just dehydrated and malnourished, needed more sleep and some rest.

The Alkaline Myth by James Sloane,

Natural healing expert

The human body has various Ph levels, there is not a singular Ph for the whole body. For example, stomach and skin are slightly acidic due to the need to control pathogens from entering our body. Acidity kills pathogens and alkalinity promotes the development of pathogens. Internal Ph of the cancer cell is more alkaline than a healthy cell Ph. The cancer cells do not produce the lactic acid, they actually produce lactic, which is not acidic. Cancer cells do not tolerate hydrogen protons and they export them to the outside of the cancer, which is registered as an acidic Ph of the cancer cell. Cancer cells get rid of the acidity to protect themselves and continue to survive and thrive in alkalinity.

To quickly alkalize the body one only needs to hyperventilate. As you hyperventilate you exhale carbon dioxide and Ph rises. If you hyperventilate too much you will pass out and the reason for it is that as the carbon dioxide is ejected out of the body, levels of carbonic acid in the blood fall, we need it to keep blood vessels in an open state, Ph rises, blood vessels get increasingly constrained and decrease the blood flow to the brain and we pass out. As we pass out breathing is drastically slowed down and carbonic acid is quickly build up in the blood, blood vessels get into an open state and dilated, brain starts to receive blood, blood flow is restored and we come back.

The body maintains constant levels of Ph in different parts and organs. Both acidosis and alkalosis are extremely rare conditions because body has so many redundant systems to maintain its Ph levels. Alkalinity is more dangerous than acidity because body has to work harder to neutralize alkalinity than acidity.

We need our stomach acids, and when we take anything alkaline, be it alkaline water, or baking soda, what it does is to wipe out stomach acids.

Urinary and salivary Ph do not reflect your blood Ph level whatsoever. Salivary Ph adjusts to whatever you are intending of eating. Bacteria in th mouth produce acids to start digestion and saliva balances those acids.

Acidic Ph of many organs is essential to our health and protects us from pathogens. In hospitals, the use of excessive washing of hands with strong soaps caused major spread of infections. Soaps dried up the skin, increased the alkalinity of the skin, it began to crack and enable viruses to penetrate deep inside and cause infections.

Modern hectic lives and stress weaken the stomach acids. The low hydration of the body makes it even worse, and pathogens are easily getting through, attacking digestive system and body organs. Respiration is the primary Ph leveling system. Increased breathing increases the Ph because carbonic acid is lowered.

In alkaline water, hydroxide OH, forms calcium and magnesium hydroxide. All hydroxides ace caustic and they will burn the intestines and cause major damage. They also neutralize stomach acids. That is very damaging to our body because vitamins such as B6 and B12, and folate require acid in the first place in order to be absorbed. After they are absorbed they produce vital acids in the stomach. Alkaline water eliminates acids. Vitamins that require acids to be activated and to create new acids, are not digested. That is why alkaline water impedes the production of stomach acid in the long run.


The Message From The Spring

The natural spring water tells us how we need to live, in order to maintain a healthy and vibrant energy all the time. The water springs from the rock fissures, it is active and flowing, not stagnant. It is ice cold, no dangerous pathogen can survive and breed in cold water. The cold water is the source of all life. The constant overheating of our body and avoiding of the cold fresh air destroys our circulation that is essential for our health. Drinking of fresh ice cold natural spring water and breathing of fresh clean air is the ultimate source of energy and vitality for our body. The blood is packed with oxygen, there are no stagnation zones and no inflammations. So sometimes, we need to feel cold and be active in the cold, instead of being stagnant and freezing in the cold. Embrace the freshness and energy that it gives to your body. For the more trained and dedicated semi-cold or cold showers are the ultimate health treat.

Natural spring water is a fresh electric current that enters our body and energizes it. Our body needs this energy daily in order to function properly. The body that functions properly is hydrated, metabolism is in optimal speed, we feel full of energy and have enough energy to develop a unity of body, mind and spirit. Throughout the history, natural springs were named springs of youth, health and vitality. They symbolize the beginning of life on Earth and have spiritual and mental importance. That is why they are sacred and must be treated with utmost respect and admiration.

Industrially processed water is just a distraction, it does not perform any functions that natural spring water does. It creates a Trojan horse situation in our body. The body needs water to sustain life, readily lets the fluid enter the body, tries to use it to keep metabolism in optimal speed, but gets something very different: dead, no energy, no nutrients, stale, disinfected water, industrially processed and filtered till death. Fluid that was created with only one purpose in mind, not to go bad after months in plastic bottles.

The water freshness is the main quality component. It describes the energy level and potency of the water to support life. Stale bottled water is the exact opposite.

Something that is as complex, fragile and as sacred living natural spring water must not be tempered with, and can not be reproduced forcefully.

Fresh Premier quality natural spring water in glass bottles delivered the same day to your home

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