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What Do We Do?


MyWaterBearer scouts for the best natural spring water sources in Ontario. Currently we monitor regularly 3 sources and perform full testing through the state of the art third party laboratories and on the spot before collecting it for our customers.

1 gallon glass bottle

Minimum order is ten 1 gallon glass bottle that is shown on the photo.

MyWaterBearer brings fresh spring water with love, respect and positive energy.

You just need to enjoy this beautiful, living water.

MyWaterBearer does everything else: quality control, testing, analysis, consultation with experts in laboratories, transportation (700km round trips), handling, delivery, etc.

MyWaterBearer offers full transparency and answers all your questions because we care for your health.

In order to explain our approach to the quality of the drinking water we will compare couple of major bottled water brands with MyWaterBearer natural spring water. One of our natural springs will be used as an benchmark.

*** Data used is from the bottle labels, the producer's website, old quality reports available on the web, and The Environmental Working Group 2011 Bottled Water Score Card available on the web.



Our water is not stale, filtered to death, disinfected, full of disinfecting chemicals and ozone and does not have plastic byproducts. It is fresh, living, naturally ice cold, delivered in glass bottles the same day it is collected, tested both in third party laboratory and on the spot.


Our commitment is to find the best possible sources of fresh raw spring water, fully test them, analyze the results with professionals and perform the tests on the spot according to our quality manual and deliver the water the same day it is collected. We owe our customers full transparency and we do our utmost to inform and perform our due diligence to the best of our ability in all matters related to our service of delivering fresh raw spring water.


The ultimate responsibility for the decision of using our service is with the customer. We are hired to deliver the water in full trust by the customer.


Information provided by us is readily available in all types of media and books. We encourage you to get informed, get advice from professionals and take full responsibility of all aspects of our service. This is not a substitution for a medical advice.

Fresh Premier quality natural spring water in glass bottles delivered the same day to your home

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