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Dehydration is causing a havoc in our bodies, destroys our health and vitality by singularly causing almost all of the diseases and health related conditions (fatigue, energy depletion, depression, eczema, rheumatism, high and low pressure, high cholesterol, gastric disorders, premature aging, inflammations and autoimmune diseases - cancer). ***Please read more about Spring water and Health.
Hydration (the process of energizing and electrifying of the human body) is a complex chemical reaction where the living fresh natural spring water supplies human metabolism with a powerful living energy boost. The high energy power of the fresh spring water is generated by the complex interaction of all life building blocks: living hydrogen, high oxygen concentration, minerals, nutrients and probiotic living bacteria. Human body is 75% living water, consists of the same life building blocks and human body infrastructure was created by the living water.
This ultimate life supporting fuel is the only thing that can fully hydrate or energize our body. Your body will ask for it because it recognizes and trusts its life supporting force.
Just as you need to put the proper fuel in your car, you need to give your body proper water for proper hydration. Otherwise, we are constantly dehydrated: our life energy is drained, our metabolism breaks down, toxins accumulate within our body, the inflammations spread throughout the body, and there is a lack of oxygen supply, resulting in the increase of cases of autoimmune diseases such as cancer. 
Industrially processed fluids are dead, low energy, disinfected and sterile: bottled water, tap water and filtered water. Not only that they do not fully hydrate the body, but also bring in additional toxins from industrial processing into our body. The situation is even more drastic due to consumption of highly dehydrating sodas, coffee, juices, alcohol, sugar, industrially processed food, and breathing of smog (polluted city air that is dry, abrasive to lung tissue, toxic and drains water out of our body).
The industrial dead water is not water, but a fluid that only superficially resembles water, is devoid of the life giving energy and nutrients, and the only quality control characteristic is to be more than sufficiently disinfected and sterile to remain dead for the duration of the shelf life in a plastic bottle.
MyWaterBearer provides the most unique service of delivering precious, sacred, living water directly to your home: FRESH, of PREMIER QUALITY and from a NATURAL SPRING.
FRESHWe collect the premier quality natural spring water, north of Muskoka, early in the morning, deliver it fresh in 5 gallon glass bottles, protected from the sunlight, directly to your home. Water is naturally ice cold, full of energy and invigorating to human body. Fully tested in the state of the art laboratories and on the spot before each collecting of the water. With each delivery you get all test results, and know exactly what is in your glass.
Let this pristine environment water touch you and help your stay fit and healthy.
PREMIER QUALITY (Benchmark)The Nature created the ultimate in the drinking water quality:
  • Water springs out of the ground on its own,
  • Ice cold temperature of 6 degrees Celsius (42.8 degrees Fahrenheit): high concentration of dissolved oxygen (DO), living water, structured, probiotic - the source of life, no pathogens,  
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) 35mg/l: mature water is light, soft (hardness (CaCo3) 13mg/l from bicarbonates only),
  • ph 6.5, slightly acidic with active hydrogen (greek word for water generator),
  • Ideal for human consumption: life giving energy (energizes and electrifies the body), full hydration (water does not fall hard on the stomach because it is immediately assimilated in our body and replenishes all levels of fluids in our body), speeds up the metabolism (greek word for complete change) and detoxifies.
    The above mentioned has become MyWaterBearer's benchmark for the quality of drinking water.
NATURAL SPRING WATER – It is not tempered in any way. The natural filtration process was completed and it is ready for human consumption. The quality is premier and infinitely apart of any industrially processed fluids (bottled water, tap water and filtered water). It brings health, vitality, regeneration and healing to human body by hydration, effective transport of nutrients in all areas of the body and all toxins out, cleaning deposits of calcification, enables cells to regenerate and breathe again by delivering oxygen, metabolism speeds up, body is electrified and able to deal with any attack from outside (pollution) or inside (inflammation, free radicals, cancer cells and other).  
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Fresh Premier quality natural spring water in glass bottles delivered the same day to your home

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