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Introduction to The Drinking Water Quality
There are two types of drinking water on the market:
- Industrially Processed Water or Technical Water (bottled water, tap water and filtered water),
- Fresh Natural Spring Water.

The crucial difference between the two is that the Industrially Processed Water is dead, has no essence and does not hydrate our body. It breaks down the metabolism, does not effectively remove toxins, increases toxicity of the human body by bringing in other dangerous byproducts of processing, filtration and disinfection, thus provoking harmful reactions in our body. Our immune system becomes over-stressed and useless to cope with increasingly higher environmental pollution and unhealthy life styles.

On the other hand, natural spring water is living and structured to fully hydrate human body, speeds up metabolic processes, and make the immune system stronger. Our body recognizes this kind of water. It gives us energy through its freshness, ice cold temperature, and high concentration of hydrogen and oxygen. This is the type of water our ancestors used and lived hard lives with uninterrupted longevity.

Industrially Processed Water (Technical Water)

The two main types are bottled water and tap water. The main characteristics of the two: water is dead and sterile, processed in an industrial environment on a massive scale, pumped under pressure in industrial piping and tanks, filtered and disinfected till death, and irradiated with UV light.

The source of the bottled water is either tap water (branded as filtered water, purified water, reverse-osmosis water or distilled water), or artesian drilled boreholes that reach underground atmospheric cycle aquifers (branded as natural spring water, spring water, etc., although it has nothing to do with the natural spring). Atmospheric cycle aquifers are under influence of environmental pollution, water is almost stagnant, composition of water changes drastically with depth, water is too heavy (high TDS), too hard (hardness over 150mg/l), too alkaline (ph>7), carries carbonates instead of bicarbonates and as such is not ready or optimal for human consumption.

Bottled Water treatment process example
Tap water treatment process example

The treatment process examples for the bottled water and for the tap water available on the web

The tap water source is the surface water (river, lake, etc.) that is full of highly toxic and radioactive pollutants.
The tap water is a toxic cycle water:
  1. water is drawn under pressure from a toxic lake. The lake is used as a toxic dump where people discharge waste directly and indirectly through surface water cycle (rain and runoffs that pick up all toxic matter from the streets and the atmosphere and put it into the lake),
  2. filtered both mechanically and with harmful chemicals, disinfected with harmful chemicals,
  3. pushed under pressure into pipes where water picks up every possible thing it comes across such as metals, organic and inorganic matter (water is a powerful solvent) and,
  4. after it has been consumed by people, used in industry, agriculture, and nuclear power plants it is returned to the same lake, and the process is repeated. The outcome of the toxic cycle: the quality of the lake water is constantly going down.
There are several problems with the industrially processed water:
  • the quality of the source of the water, 
  • processing and filtration steps,
  • bottling, 
  • the altered state of the water when it finally reaches the customers,
  • the lack of complete water quality control reports, and
  • the environmental pollution.
Natural Spring Water
All MyWaterBearer springs are protected from the sunlight with a thick forest, spring water is constantly flowing all year round and jumps out of the rock fissures.

Nothing compares even remotely to this living water premium quality, freshness, taste and health benefits. It is simply sacred and life supporting. Raw natural spring water has multitude of benefits for your body and wellbeing.


Created by nature at pristine Muskoka wetlands and fully tested by a third party laboratory, water carries vibrant wholeness and perfect balance of purity, hydration and minerals. Collected in glass bottles by hand with respect and admiration for the gift of the life giving energy, far away from pollution in a pristine nature. No artesian wells, water is coming out of natural springs, ice cold and perfectly balanced for health and vitality.


Natural spring water is not sterilized, stale, filtered till death, ozonated and processed in industrial environment on a mass scale, has no chloride, ammonia and aluminum added for disinfection, does not carry dangerous chemicals from pollution, no mercury, fluoride, lead, iron and sulphur, no bisphenol and other by byproducts of plastic bottles. Just pure and natural healing energy boost, hydration and exceptional balance of low TDS, ph and mineral content.

When you make this life changing choice MYWATERBEARER will be at your door, bringing happiness and health to you and your family. We recommend that you use this water for drinking, cooking, for your pets, for food fermentation, for brewing your favorite wine or beer. 

Once you try it, your body will ask for it.

Fresh Premier quality natural spring water in glass bottles delivered the same day to your home

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