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MyWaterBearer Guide To Drinking Water Quality

Drinking water quality is the most important subject for human health and vitality. And yet, there is a complete lack of information and a lot of misinformation on the subject in literature, on the internet, on bottled water labels and in advertisements. Here is the list of the main points anyone can use to prevent damage to the body (detailed explanations are on the following pages):
1. Drink only fresh natural spring water.
Canada, Ontario, is immensely rich in fresh natural springs. MyWaterBearer offers a unique, fully customized service, of delivering fresh natural living spring water to your door the same day it is collected. 
2. Water must come out only from natural springs.
It springs from the ground on its own, from rock fissures, ice cold and pure. If that is not the case, then water comes either from surface water (lake, river), the municipal water supplies or subsurface aquifers.
Surface waters (toxic cycle water) are highly toxic and no water treatment plant can make them suitable for drinking without heavy industrial processing and dangerous chemicals. 
Subsurface aquifers are not suitable for human consumption, they are affected by surface and atmospheric pollution, and carry stagnant, heavy, hard and alkaline water that must be processed industrially.
3. Freshness and low temperature are imperative when it comes to quality of water.
The lower the temperature, the higher the life giving energy (hydration - hydroelectric energy for our body). MyWaterBearer brings fresh, ice cold natural spring water in glass bottles directly to your home.
4. All natural springs are slightly acidic (around Ph 6.5).
That is the first sign that the Nature completed the filtration process, that water originates from a natural spring, and that the water is ready for us. High active hydrogen (greek word for water generator) content is very important for our health.
5. Water has to be light, soft, slightly acidic and fresh.
Light (low total dissolved solids - TDS, around/below 100), soft (low hardness), acidic (Ph around 6.5) and ice cold.
6. Water must have structure.
The unique quality of the fresh natural spring water is its ability to quickly change its temperature depending on the surroundings. If, for example, 1 gallon glass bottle with fresh natural spring water is put into shade, or just briefly put into a colder environment it will immediately cool down.
Fresh natural spring water is a living, pure energy of light, almost crystalline like (and yet liquid!!!!), structure of oxygen and hydrogen, and trace minerals. They all vibrate and fly around the structure full of vigor and energy. They transmit information and energy with lightning speed in the same way the sea of electrons in metals does. That is why the fresh natural spring water is capable to change its temperature fast and adapt to the environment.
Metals crystalline structure is best described as a uniform 3-dimensional structure of core element atoms engulfed in the sea of electrons. That sea of electrons enables metals  to transmit electricity, quickly change temperature (transmit heat) and possess many other crucial characteristics.
The fresh natural spring water is a living electrifying force essential for our body:
Liquid highly charged oxygen and hydrogen structure in the sea of trace minerals.
Spring water is incredible, divine, sacred, magic in a liquid form! All living beings are created from it and depend on it. Being an ultimate force and an ultimate life giver on the Earth, water only demands respect and gratitude for incredible things it does for us.
Processed, bottled, dead water, on the other hand, instead of transmitting life giving energy to our body, drains our body of energy. Dead water is destroyed, low energy, no structure, heavy fluid, that falls hard on our stomach and destroys our metabolism. 
7. Water must not leave scale in glass bottles and after boiling.
Nature's perfect balance in fresh natural spring water is also demonstrated by its ability not to leave scale in glass bottles or in pots after boiling. Natural spring water is liquid energy, living force that does not tolerate uninvited heavy and dangerous scale from carbonates. Human body is not able to deal with them. Our body needs the energy from the water, the liquid magic of hydrogen, oxygen, trace minerals and probiotic bacteria. As our body takes only the liquid part and expects to get hydrated by it, it drains the heavy scale from the water and that dangerous residue is left between our cells. Cell membrane is not able to let the scale pass through it. Now, body has to deal with it. It struggles to dispose of it, but it is an impossible task due to regular attack from additional toxic materia and scale from regular consumption of dead, processed bottled water. Cells do not regenerate, but start to die. The result: calcification, dementia, cancer and other dangerous diseases.
8. Water must have structure and low surface tension in order to hydrate (energize) our body.
All the points from 1 to 7 must be satisfied. Water is easily assimilated in our body, energizes, detoxifies and brings oxygen to human cells. As if a gentle thunder lightning is coming in our body with the water and helps us regenerate, heal and get stronger. MyWaterBearer premier quality natural spring water is the most unique water that satisfies all of those requirements. The water that fully hydrates, energizes and heals human body. 
9. Do not drink alkaline, processed water (Ph>7).
The first problem is that water originates from subsurface aquifers (not suitable for human consumption and affected by pollution). Drilled boreholes are used to force the aquifer water out. The second problem is that alkaline industrially processed water is dead and destroys our first line of defense, our digestive system. Human stomach has Ph of 2.2, because acidity kills pathogens. Alkalinity helps pathogens multiply, and neutralizes stomach acidity that is vital for digestion of food.
Humans get sick because they are dehydrated by drinking industrially processed fluids and malnourished from consuming industrially processed food. The issue is not about alkaline or acidic diet. The issue is that dead, alkaline fluids dehydrate human body, accumulate toxins and free radicals, create caustic hydroxides, make our body anaerobic due to lack of oxygen, and nutrition due to disrupted digestion.
10. Do not drink industrially processed fluids (bottled water, tap water and filtered water).
Water is not merely a chemical compound that can be reproduced in an industrial environment. Water is a life giver, and must be treated as such. Living water supports life, dead water destroys it. To make matters worse, the aim of the bottling industry is not human health and how to help people hydrate (energize). But, to produce huge amounts of fluid that is dead, sterile and disinfected in order to have a shelf life. Non of the industrially processed fluids come from natural springs. They come from subsurface aquifers, surface water or tap water.
Not to mention the environmental impact from plastic bottles, and the toxic effect on water stored in them.   
11. No bottled water is pure, natural or from a natural spring.
The definition of the pure natural spring water is the one that has not been tempered with in any way!!! If water is bottled, then it is tempered with: processed, pumped under pressure, filtered, stored in industrial reservoirs, disinfected, and dead. It reaches customers when it is too warm, exposed to sunlight and suffocating inside the plastic containers. Bottled water is in the perfect state for the explosion of dangerous pathogens. Bottled water must not be called pure, natural, spring water, fresh etc.
12. The moment before you drink water you must be sure about quality.
Full quality analysis is imperative, and only fresh living natural spring water can satisfy that requirement. It is fully tested in a third party laboratory, and on the spot before it is collected in glass bottles. It is delivered fresh and ice cold. Anything other than that, means that basically there is no quality. You do not know the processes behind the bottling of water, the quality of the source water, and the quality of the water you drink due to its altered state after months in plastic bottles.
MyWaterBearer gives you full transparency (quality reports and test analysis), directly delivers fresh ice cold water in glass bottles, without any treatment and damage done to the sacred living natural spring water from pristine areas north of Muskoka.
The absolute pure health, energy boost and healing power for your body. Thus, the ultimate hydration and disease prevention. 
Water Quality and Longevity (Disease Free Life) Diagram
Water Quality Longevity Disease Free Life Diagram
Water Quality and Longevity (Disease Free Life) Diagram: Health Zone, Risk Zone, and Toxic Zone
Just by choosing to drink high quality fresh natural spring water and enough of it daily to fully hydrate your body (plus healthy food, life style and exercise) you are in the HEALTH ZONE. Daily, human body releases 2.5 liter of water and if less than 2.5 liter of fresh natural spring water is consumed, dehydration starts.
The first priority of our body is to be hydrated by the highest quality water possible. All processes in our body depend on that. Dehydration is proven to be the most detrimental factor in human health.
It is a very easy and convenient choice to make due to the fully customized service offered by MyWaterBearer. For $34.00 per week one adult person gets 5 gallon (18.9 liter) of the ultimate in health support and disease prevention. The ultimate natural medicine and the ultimate energy boost for your body.

Do not put your health to waste. Dehydration ultimately leads to permanent damage of the body. And why? Just because you body was thirsty.

In todays world fresh natural spring water is a basic prescription for wellness and health. It is easy and cheap to prevent diseases. It is ultimately more expensive to heal when the damage is done to the body and serious autoimmune and degenerative diseases develop.

Coffee, on the other hand, the ultimate destroyer of the body hydration, and the ultimate energy drain for the body costs on the average $3.5 per day, $24.5 per week. If we include the negative effects on body energy and hydration of processed food, sugar, alcohol, air-conditioning of office and living space, stress, and damage done by excessive exercise, then it is clear how crucial it is to start caring for your body and prevent the permanent damage.
 Choose The True Fresh Natural Spring Water, Heal, Energize and Prevent Disease.
Health zone by drinking fresh natural spring water
Health Zone by drinking fresh natural spring water
HEALTH ZONE - Only the fresh living natural spring water enables the body to be fully hydrated, regenerated and energized daily. That means that body is generating enough hydroelectric energy to completely power up every part of the body. Every part receives enough oxygen and energy so that toxins and free radicals are removed from the interstitial and intracellular fluids, thus cells regenerate and breathe normally. As a result the immune system is energized and easily deals with any type of attack (internal - cancer cells, toxins; outside - pollution).
The health zone means a few simple steps: first thing when you wake up 0.5l water (living natural spring water), gentle and gradual exercise (body, mind and spirit), natural food (home cooking, raw and probiotic food), 0.5l water half an hour before your next meal, small spray bottle to hydrate face and nostrils, monitor that your urine is light yellow (if not drink more water), and natural energy boost foods. After those few steps, your body will not ask for anything else. You will be energized, light as living water, pure gentle force as living water, proactive as probiotics, and your body will start generating additional energy levels to keep you protected, creative and active.
The health zone means that the quality of life should to be the highest possible all the time. Do not allow your body to suffer and get destroyed.
Risk Zone by drinking processed water
Risk Zone by drinking processed fluids (bottled water, filtered water and tap water)
RISK ZONE - Processed fluids (bottled water, filtered water and tap water) are dead, filtered, sanitized and irradiated by UV light. They are too heavy fluids (too high total dissolved solids), too hard, too alkaline, too destroyed and too dead, thus they cover low quality (low energy) and toxicity in the water zone (look at the diagram above). Such a fluid has a low energy, brings in toxic byproducts from processing, high surface tension and creates intermittent hydration. Vital hydroelectric energy flow through human cell membranes is interrupted, toxins accumulate, deposits between cell accumulate, body is lacking oxygen and active hydrogen from water to power up the metabolism. As a result, first symptoms of dehydration appear: inflammation, rheumatism, fatigue, high/low blood pressure, obesity, depression, etc.
Unfortunately, many people live in a state of chronic dehydration which creates an ultimate havoc in our body. Immune system is in disarray and metabolism is broken down. The body becomes an easy prey for autoimmune diseases (cancer), as well as  degenerative diseases.
The risk zone means the following: my body is to obey anything I demand, no hydration because water is water and any will do, no nutrition because food is food and any will do, I can go on the whole day without drinking anything, without eating anything, you have to die of something, oh there are so many things that damage our body what does it matter, I am 40 years now and getting old, and so on.
Human body does not tolerate low quality, dead fluids and food. Human body would have never come to existence without living water, which makes 75% of human body. Could you imagine creating life from industrially processed fluids? Human body needs pure natural energy to regenerate, heal, and energize everytime we drink or eat something. If we neglect that fact we create huge stress in our body, immune system kicks in to try to defend against the attack, and metabolism breaks apart. If your body is under stress, you will be under constant stress, and open to all external pressures.
You are never old, it is just a state of mind due to the stress generated by mistreating of your own body. At the same time, body easily regenerates everytime we care for it.
You need the best water, and you will experience the true force in your body.  
Toxic Zone
TOXIC ZONE - Tap water comes from the toxic zone, from highly polluted surface water (lakes and rivers). The toxicity of the surface waters is getting higher every day, requiring more treatment and more dangerous chemicals for disinfection. The final product is a tap water (to be more precise a tap fluid) that is beyond repair and not life supporting.     
Please read about the importance of the hydration and direct connection between dehydration and disease in the Literature list.

Fresh Premier quality natural spring water in glass bottles delivered the same day to your home

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