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MyWaterBearer new brochure is here!

MyWaterBearer At A Glance

MyWaterBearer brings fresh spring water directly from pristine natural spring to your home. No compromise on quality, freshness, and health benefits. No processing, just pure, ice cold, premium quality spring water to heal your body, help you regain strength and wellbeing. Simple, yet most powerful prescription for quality of life, disease prevention and vitality.

MyWaterBearer gives you quality, choice, convenience, fully customized service, and environmental protection for a reasonable price.

Quality: Comprehensive state of the art laboratory analysis of water, spot check of water quality before collecting (bacteria, tds, alkalinity, temperature and ph factor), our expertise, and our simple and fully  transparent business model.

You will always know what kind of water you are drinking.

Choice: Premium living fresh natural spring water, as opposed to industrially processed, dead, stale and disinfected fluids in plastic/glass bottles, from the tap or home filtration systems.

Convenience: Minimum order is 10 small 1 gallon glass bottles (average adult person weekly water need is 5 gallon)  for easy storage and use.  

Fully customized service: We adjust our delivery schedule according to your time. After working hours, early in the morning before work, or during the weekend.

Environmental protection: We collect and wash the empty glass bottles and deliver the filled ones to you. No plastic, wasted glass bottles, enormous pollution due to industrial processing of water, transportation, handling, storage and manufacturing of plastic and glass bottles.

Reasonable price: Ten 1 gallon glass bottles of premier quality, fresh, natural spring water, delivered to your home directly from the spring, is only CAD68.00. 

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Fresh Premier quality natural spring water in glass bottles delivered the same day to your home

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