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My Water Bearer


Drink Fresh. Live Fresh.

Fresh Living Structured Natural Spring Water Same Day Delivery In Glass Bottle to Toronto and Mississauga

Why Fresh Spring Water?

And, Why MyWaterBearer?

Drinking Water Quality Chart
Water Quality Factors

Drinking Water Quality Chart

The premium quality natural spring physical properties directly translate to
the premium quality drinking water, and the premium health benefits for a reasonable price.


Water is industrially processed, dead and damaged, with physical properties industrially created.
Processed, bottled, put into plastic and transported with heavy damage done to the environment.
Sold with a huge price tag. After so much processing and damage there are no health benefits.

Heavy processed water that originates from toxic surface waters. Huge damaged done to water, and to the
environment with processing chemicals. Sold with a huge price tag (millions of dollars are spent through taxes and subsidies). No health benefits.  

Drinking water quality chart explains how the quality of water changes in relation to the quality factors. The conclusion is that the higher the quality of the water source translates to less processing and manipulation, and ultimately to the higher health benefits. The quality factors are as follows: temperature at the source, total dissolved solids - TDS, ph factor, alkalinity, hardness, water source, processing, processing chemicals, toxins present, bottling, plastic, environmental impact, and price. They all translate to the overall quality.

Let us examine how each of the quality factors influences the overall quality of the tap water, bottled water, and fresh natural spring water from MyWaterBearer.

TAP WATER - It is at the room temperature which means that it is prone to going bad. A breading ground for pathogens, plus water picks up everything on its path from the treatment plant, through piping and reservoirs, to the consumer. Average values, measured at the plant are: TDS is 200, ph is 7.5, alkalinity is 89.4, and hardness is 129. Too hard, too alkaline, and packed with disinfectants, and dangerous toxins. Water source is a toxic lake, which means that water is beyond repair. No processing or home filtration can make it safe and healthy. Chemicals are used to kill dangerous pathoges that breed and develop in dead and toxic lake water. Dangerous toxins are present. Heavy negative environmental impact: more and more chemicals are used to fight pathoges from surface waters that are more and more polluted. Price is virtually low, however, huge amounts of money are spent from taxes, so the real price is enormous. 

BOTTLED WATERS (EVIAN, FIJI, VOSS; info taken from bottle labels, and websites) - They are at the room temperature, stale, and under sunlight or an artificial light. A breeding ground for pathogens, thus water has to be dead, sterile, and disinfected in order to have a shelf life. EVIAN: TDS 330, ph 7.2, alkalinity 290, hardness 310. Too heavy, hard, alkaline, dead, stale and sterile. FIJI: TDS 210, ph 7.9, alkalinity 130, hardness 150. Heavy, too alkaline, dead, stale and sterile. VOSS: TDS 44, ph 5.5, and alkalinity 20. Excellent tds, rather low ph factor, but again excellent alkalinity. There is no processing information from any of them, so those values mean very little. Water source is a drilled borehole that forces the atmospheric cycle aquifer water, not suitable for consumption, to the surface and into the processing plant. None of them can be labelled pure, natural spring water, spring water or fresh spring water. They use industrial processing, storage in reservoirs, filtration, irradiation with UV light, and disinfection with ozone. As a result water is dead, sterile, stale, and disinfected in order to serve the main purpose: shelf life. Bottling and plastic further aggravate the quality of the water. Heavy environmental impact. Very expensive.

MyWaterBearer - Water is fresh, ice cold (7 deg Celsius), taken directly from the natural spring with respect and admiration. TDS is 30, ph 6.75, alkalinity 13, and hardness 15. Light, soft, and slightly acidic (very important factor, high hydrogen content, kills all pathogens). Leaves no scale, pure, living, structured, liquid energy for our body. Water source is a natural spring: water jumps from rock fissures on its own covered by thick forest. No processing, no chemicals, no environmental impact. In glass directly delivered fresh to our customers. Realistic price that includes: monitoring, lab testing, on the spot testing, expert analysis, transport, 700 km round trips (to the spring, and customers), handling big glass bottles, and delivery to your door the same day. We give you the premium quality, the premium service, and the premium health benefits.  


Drink Fresh Natural

Spring Water.

Fresh, living, ice cold, soft and light. Delivered the same day it is collected, north of Muskoka, in glass bottles, protected from sunlight.

The ultimate energy, hydration, and health from the premier quality natural spring water.


MyWaterBearer unique and fully customized service is your key to health and vitality. Your body, mind and spirit will be energized like never before. Unique life giving properties and invigorating energy will enable you to stand up to any challenge with ease.  


     Live Fresh     With Natural

Spring Water.

Live fresh, always vigorous, youthful and brisk. Fresh natural spring water defines purity, hydration, health benefits, and vitality. Most of our body is living water. It is our protector, healer, and an infinite source of energy that enables life.


MyWaterBearer enables your to fully hydrate your body. Every part of your body will receive enough energy, oxygen and hydrogen to be constantly rejuvenated.

Processed, dead, and sterile water (bottled, tap, and filtered water) is the complete opposite.  


The Essence of Life In A Glass.

Once you try this pure, fresh, ice cold, liquid energy, you will experience everything explained on our website about the importance of the quality of drinking water, freshness, structure, TDS, ph factor and health.


Fresh Premier quality natural spring water in glass bottles delivered the same day to your home

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