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My Water Bearer


Drink Fresh. Live Fresh.

Fresh Living Structured Natural Spring Water Delivered the Same Day It Is Manually Collected In Glass Bottle North of Muskoka

to Toronto and Mississauga

MyWaterBearer has 4 simple rules for the Best Water to Drink - Natural Spring Water

Video Transcript:

Welcome to MyWaterBearer, Toronto's premium quality natural spring water delivery service.
Our unique service of delivering fresh living natural spring water in glass bottle, the best water to drink, is based on simple four rules.
RULE No.1: The Source of Water is Only a Natural Spring.
Water has to come out from the ground on its own as a spring. We monitor the quality of the water coming out, both in laboratory and on the spot, investigate hydrology, and the overall quality of the spring. Natural surrounding has to be pristine and the spring has to produce a constant flow of fresh water year-round. Every natural spring is completely different and produces natural spring water of different chemical composition. We choose only the best.
RULE No.2: Water has to be Fresh.
Natural spring water has to be fresh, ice cold, and delivered the same day it is manually collected In glass bottles. Running water never goes stale, says Chinese proverb. The essence of our service is that we strive to bring natural spring water in glass bottle fresh to your home. In that way we enable you to enjoy the ultimate hydration, and the ultimate energy for your body.
We help you reconnect with Nature. Drink Fresh. Live Fresh.

RULE No.3: Water has to be naturally Pure.
The definition of the word pure is unaltered, in its natural form, perfectly in tune with Nature, free from man-made harmful elements, chemicals and toxins. Pure also means real, natural, simple, bright, transparent, clear, complete, true, and genuine. Natural spring water is light, soft, ice cold, pure, slightly acidic (which means high hydrogen content), flows constantly, and enables natural hydration of the human body. Natural spring water defines an environment that supports life and kills pathogens.
RULE No.4: Water (Nature) only asks for Respect and Admiration.

For a start a simple ”Thank You” for a gift of life will do.
Fresh living natural spring water is the ultimate energy for human body and performs infinite number of living functions that keep us healthy, give us vitality and strength throughout our lives.
Water is not just some simple molecule of 2 tiny hydrogen and one oxygen atoms that can be industrially reproduced and put in plastic bottles for a prolonged periods of time. No.
 Fresh natural spring water is a living energy that creates and supports our lives. We know very little about water (Nature) and yet water (Nature) is mostly treated with disrespect and ignorance. Hence, the pollution, destruction of natural resources, and the steady decline of human quality of life, vitality and longevity.
The beauty of the Nature is that that same tiny hydrogen atom, the most abundant element in the universe, joined forces with oxygen on the planet Earth to give us water to drink, atmosphere to enable us to breathe, and that the same small hydrogen atom runs all nuclear reactions on Earth, in the Sun and in the universe. Respect!
The same basic principles and processes that power the Sun, create planets and enable life are within us and they require only fresh natural spring water that people used for centuries.
Love. Life. Nature. My Water Bearer. 


Drink Fresh Natural

Spring Water.

Fresh, living, ice cold, soft and light. Delivered the same day it is collected, north of Muskoka, in glass bottles, protected from sunlight.

The ultimate energy, hydration, and health from the premier quality natural spring water.



MyWaterBearer unique and fully customized service is your key to health and vitality. Your body, mind and spirit will be energized like never before. Unique life giving properties and invigorating energy will enable you to stand up to any challenge with ease.  

     Live Fresh     With Natural

Spring Water.

Live fresh, always vigorous, youthful and brisk. Fresh natural spring water defines purity, hydration, health benefits, and vitality. Most of our body is living water. Water is our protector, healer, and an infinite source of energy that enables life.



MyWaterBearer enables your to fully hydrate your body. Every part of your body will receive enough energy, oxygen and hydrogen to be constantly rejuvenated.

On the other hand, processed, dead, and sterile water (bottled, tap, and filtered water) is the complete opposite.  

The Essence of Life In A Glass.

Once you try this pure, fresh, ice cold, liquid energy, you will experience everything explained on our website about the importance of the quality of drinking water, freshness, structure, TDS, ph factor and health.


Fresh Premier quality natural spring water in glass bottles delivered the same day to your home

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